My Experience with Github

Posted by denutkarsh on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 16:18

At first, when I got to know about the GitHub, I wasn't much interested in it. Although I have used GitHub before, but that was only for looking at other people's code. I never actually knew the advantages of using GitHub for hosting the projects. Recently, I was asked to learn the usage of GitHub . Slowly and Gradually when I started learning the commands of GitHub, I found out what GitHub really is and how it is helpful in increasing my productivity.

Steps to Install the Git

  1. Download the latest git from this link:-
  2. Finish the setup wizard and install the git
  3. Open the command prompt/ git bash
  4. Configure the git for user_name and user_email
  1.  $ git config --global "Utkarsh Dixit"
     $ git config --global ""
  2. Now you are ready to use your basic git commands (with github)

Real Life Example

I followed some simple steps to push my projects to GitHub. For example:- I published one of my projects, MediaShare to GitHub. MediaShare is an image sharing wordpress plugin, that allows the user to share an image on the webpage.
1) Create a Repository for your project

2)Open the command prompt/git bash and get to your project directory

3)Initialize a repository in the project by using git init

4)  Add all the files to the repository

5) Add the remote branch with alias origin.

6) Create First Commit
Push the repository to GitHub

Here is the screenshot of Github Repository 


Some of the Projects that I have worked on

  1. Imgur Scraper:- This is just a simple crawling script that uses imgur API. Basically it just crawls 100 images from every page (starting from 0) and then submit it to the database.
  2. QrCodeNewDeisgn:- Some months ago, I designed a qr code generator that comes with new design, the code was large.
  3. Data Binding JavaScript:- This is just a simple project that is based on Data binding.

How Git Helped me Increase my Productivity

Git, Actually helped me increase my productivity to a great extent. The version control system of git has helped me to recover my code which I changed few commits ago. Now, whenever I commit an error, I just look at my previous code in the last commit  instead of wasting my time searching where I did the mistake.

Some of the commands I learned while learning git

Clone,Init,add,commit,push are some of the command that I used during learning git.

  1. git init:- This command initialize empty repository in the current working directory.
  2. git add:- This command adds the files specified to the current directory.
  3. git commit:- This command save the changes as the new commit for the project.
  4. git config:- This command is used to config some important variables like username and password for GitHub.
  5. git push:- This command is used to push the latest commit to the repository specified.

Main Advantages of git

  1. Version Control:- This is one of the most important feature of git which had made me to use it more frequently for my projects. It helps me to easily see the changes that I have committed from the last time I pushed the code.

Without wasting any more time I pushed all my projects to GitHub. Also I would like to mention that i am also a part of GitHub Student Education Program, so if you are also a student apply for it. It provides good tools and help to boast your education towards coding.

2. Issue Management - This feature allows user or collaborators to add/submit the issue they encounter in particular repository code.

3.) Following other developer - By following other user we can get update about the public activity of the other fellow developer.

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