Get involved with the Drupal Social Initiative

Posted by denutkarsh on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 06:47

The goal of the Drupal Social Initiative (Social API) is to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal; provide more functionality to end-users; provide easier site creation and configuration to site administrators and developers; and enable easier module maintenance for developers.

Drupal Social Initiative was actually initiated by a GSOC student, who spend his whole summer to make it. The main goal of Drupal Social Initiative is to allow the integration of different Social Networks functionality like Authentication, Widgets, etc., to a Drupal site. Drupal Social Initiative can be easily configured by end-users to integrate it on their site.

How to contribute to this Project?

One could Contribute to this project in many ways. Some of the ways by which you can start contributing to this project are listed below:-

  1. Help Fixing issues

    Fixing issues for any module is one of the best way to get started contributing to it. Even fixing the novice issues do a great contribution for the module to grow.

  2. Creating Videos To help get familiar with the project.

    Creating videos for Drupal Social Initiative Projects can really help other people get started using this project. This is also a good contribution to Drupal Social Initiative.

  3. Making modules to add more implementations for Social API

    One can implement more implementors for different Social Networking Sites. For example:- I created Social Auth Twitter which allowed the users to register and login using their twitter accounts.