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Setting my Own Drupal 7 Blog on VPS

It's always nice to have your personal blog where you can post anything you want and with this i setup my first drupal 7 blog. Of course this was also a GCI Task . Setting up my first drupal 7 personal blog was quite a good experience.

My Experience with Github

At first, when I got to know about the GitHub, I wasn't much interested in it. Although I have used GitHub before, but that was only for looking at other people's code. I never actually knew the advantages of using GitHub for hosting the projects. Recently, I was asked to learn the usage of GitHub . Slowly and Gradually when I started learning the commands of GitHub, I found out what GitHub really is and how it is helpful in increasing my productivity.

Installing Drupal 8 module with dependency

Creating a large fully functional module can't be always made with just using internal libraries and scripts. Sometimes the module has to use various external libraries to use different features and hence increase their functionality. Manually managing all the dependencies  is  a painful task and this is where the composer is helpful. Composer makes it easy to manage dependencies.

Get involved with the Drupal Social Initiative

The goal of the Drupal Social Initiative (Social API) is to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal; provide more functionality to end-users; provide easier site creation and configuration to site administrators and developers; and enable easier module maintenance for developers.